म सहायता गर्न चाहन्छु

About Us

On the aftermath of the deadly earthquake disaster in Nepal, a lot of organizations and small impromptu groups of people have emerged to volunteer and help out in any way they can. The biggest problem everyone is having is coordinating between these different groups of people and resources on how to mobilize them efficiently.

HimalayanDisaster.org works on keeping track of an inventory of resources, volunteers and information on Who is doing What Where and When. We keep track of whats been done where.

We are also keeping track of volunteers, linking different places where help is required with volunteers. If you are looking to volunteer, please do sign up as a volunteer through our 'WANT TO HELP' link above.

Contact Details

If you are an an organization or volunteer group who want to add your data to our list, please feel free to contact us at the address below. Also if you are looking to get more information about our coordination platform and our efforts, do feel free to contact us.

Kazi Studios
[email protected]
(977) 1 5000520
(977) 9851122092